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Jan 30, 2024 | Palworld

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Your Palworld Guide

This guide aims to cover many small but valuable tips and tricks for Palworld. It doesn’t encompass everything, but it strives to enhance your adventure in Palworld with some quality of life improvements!

I have tried to make this as organized and precise as I can. I added images and videos to all relevant sections for people who might prefer to see what is being explained. I hope you learn something from this guide!
Thank you for reading; I appreciate it, and please enjoy Palworld!

Lantas ❤

Palworld Guide: Keybind & Shortcuts

Have you ever found yourself playing a game for countless hours, only to realize later that a certain setting or keybind could have greatly improved your gameplay? I have compiled a list of shortcuts that are often overlooked but can significantly enhance the quality of life while playing Palworld.

Split Stacks Easily

To split a stack, hold ‘Shift’ and left-click on the stack you wish to divide. You can then continue clicking on that same stack until you have the amount you need!

Move Items to chest quickly

When you interact with a chest, you can press ‘R’ to quickly stack items into the chest that are similar to those in your inventory.

Let’s say your inventory contains berries, a bow, pal spheres, and wood. If you open a chest containing only wood and press ‘R’, this keybind will transfer only the wood.

This method offers a quick and organized way to transfer items to the appropriate storage boxes when emptying your inventory.

Loot your entire inventory with one button

If you happen to die, you might, depending on your game settings, drop your entire inventory, which you will then need to go back and pick up.

When you interact with your Backpack that dropped upon death, you can click ‘X’ to collect everything immediately.

Palworld Guide: Tips for Pals

Palworld pals horizon - GameCraftGather - FFXIV

Always wondered if there were certain areas where you lacked information about pals? This section aims to cover aspects of the game you might have missed! ❤

Best Active Mining Pal

If you’re seeking a Pal to assist with rapid mining, look no further than Digtoise for help! His upgrades in the tech tree make him one of the best, if not the best, active mining Pals for quickly gathering resources!

See How It Works

You can activate his partner skill with ‘F’ to freeze him in place and let him spin away. This is especially effective when he’s positioned between two ores!

Video of Digtoise Mining Speed

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Where to Find Digtoise (Map)

The most accessible place to find a Digtoise shown here on the map, indicated by the orange area:

image 23 - GameCraftGather - FFXIV

How to unlock Digtoise partner ability

You can unlock the Digtoise’s Headband in the techtree at level 19

image 22 - GameCraftGather - FFXIV

After unlocking it, you can craft it in the Pal Gear Workbench:

image 24 - GameCraftGather - FFXIV

My favorite Midgame Mount

The moment I’m able to capture Fenglope and craft its saddle, I always switch to it immediately. It’s probably one of the most enjoyable and fun ground mounts in the game. I often find myself opting out of flying because of its ability to double jump and charge around. Fenglope is also much faster than any other mount you can acquire at this level, around the mid-20s.

Fenglope Movement

A short preview of how easily Fenglope can get around, even tho its a ground mount

Video of Fenglope Movement

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Where to Find Fenglope (Map)

This is the place to find and capture Fenglope in the wild, however theres also an early Alpha version which is much easier to go to!

image 35 - GameCraftGather - FFXIV
image 36 - GameCraftGather - FFXIV

You can’t seem to find Fenglope anywhere? Well he is underground, so you gotta find the entrance to the cave!

If you teleport to the nearst Teleport point called “Ascetic Falls”

image 40 - GameCraftGather - FFXIV

You will be able to see the entrance to the cave just behind the waterfall, indcated by the torches.

image 39 - GameCraftGather - FFXIV

How to unlock Fenglope partner ability

You can unlock the Fenglope Saddle in the techtree at level 26

image 37 - GameCraftGather - FFXIV

After unlocking it, you can craft it in the Pal Gear Workbench:

image 38 - GameCraftGather - FFXIV

Best Pals for Carry Weight

You can increase your Carry Weight with the help of pals. Here, there are several options to choose from, including both those that don’t require any tech and some that do.

How to increase Carry Weight

The 4 options that you should look at is these Pals:

PalCarry Weight Increase
Broncherry (Requires saddle100
Kingpaca (Requires saddle)100

Swap your Pal’s skills

When you have more than three skills on a pal, you’ll continue unlocking new skills. These can be swapped out and used whenever you like.

How to swap Pal’s skills quickly

Heres how to swap your pal’s skills easily

Video Showing how to Change skills

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Condensing Pals

The traits of a specific pal cannot be changed; however, they can be upgraded using the Pal Essence Condenser.

Rank up your Pal’s Traits

If you end up getting a Pal with some good passives that you really want to push to the next level, you can use the Pal Essence Condenser. When you get a pal to 4 stars, it will also rank up their current traits from, for example, level 2 farming to level 3.

image 29 - GameCraftGather - FFXIV
image 31 - GameCraftGather - FFXIV

Capturing Pals

Early in the game, during the initial tutorial, you’ll notice the game encourages you to capture 5 Lamballs, emphasizing the importance of bonus experience. You will also observe a distinct difference between front and back hits with a Pal sphere!

Bonus Experience from Pals

Most of your experience in Palworld comes from the bonus experience gained from the first 10 captures of a Pal, so it’s important to focus on these!

image 34 - GameCraftGather - FFXIV

Throwing Pal Spheres

All levels of Pal Spheres are effective from the back, and you also have a higher capture rate when hitting a Pal in the back with a Pal sphere.

Video showcasing Back Bonus

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Palworld Guide: Base & Management

Palworld horizon image - GameCraftGather - FFXIV

Ever curious about the nuances of base management? This section is designed to offer valuable insights into storage, resource, weight management, and everything in between, covering the aspects of the game you might not have explored yet! ❤

Best Palbox Placement

Throughout my time playing Palworld, I’ve frequently found myself needing to transfer items between bases. However, I’ve always faced the challenge of accessing storage boxes after teleporting to my main base with all my items. But what if I told you there’s a way to position your storage box in front of the Palbox, where you typically can’t? Ordinarily, you can’t place storage boxes on the side where you arrive, only on the opposite side.

Make it easier to transfer items between bases

First, you want to build two foundations in a row, where you place the palbox on the edge of the foundation closest to you, like this:

build palbox ontop of foundation - GameCraftGather - FFXIV

Afterward, you remove the foundation furthest away on the side where pals spawn when you assign them to the base or where you arrive when teleporting to the base.

Destroy foundation palworld - GameCraftGather - FFXIV

You have now transitioned from a situation where you can’t build anything on this side of the palbox.

Not able to place box palworld - GameCraftGather - FFXIV

To an easily accessible storage box solution. This is especially useful when you teleport in while being overweight with items.

storage able to be built where you tp in palworld - GameCraftGather - FFXIV

Food Expiration Timer

You’ve probably noticed that food has an expiration date, but what if I told you there’s a way to work around this? I often found myself making cakes for when I wanted to start using the breeding farm, but they ended up expiring because I either forgot about them or wasn’t sure what to breed. Here are two methods to prolong the life of your food, especially cakes!

Saving food with the Cooking Pot

You can easily leave the Cooking Pot full with already cooked items, and this will freeze the expiration timer on any food items. This also includes items used to make food, such as Eggs and Milk, which will never expire in the Cooking Pot. Just make sure not to have a Pal out with Kindling, as they will start to cook the food!

Cakes doesnt expire in cooking pot - GameCraftGather - FFXIV

Video of how to do it

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Saving Cakes with the Breeding Farm

If you’re planning on breeding or actively breeding pals, you can use the storage box in your Breeding Farm to store your cakes instead of the Cooling Box. This will completely freeze the timer on cakes, preventing them from ever expiring.

Cakes doesnt expire in breeding farm - GameCraftGather - FFXIV

Feed Box & Food Control Tip

Pals don’t prioritize placing food such as Milk and Eggs into the cooling box. Instead, they move it to the Feed box, where it can expire much more quickly. However, there is a way to manipulate this interaction between Pals, the Feed Box, and the Cooling Box.

How to control what goes into the Feed Box

It’s rather simple. You find a food that never expires; I recommend Cotton Candy from Woolipop or Honey from Beegarde/Elizabee. Then arrange it in this manner inside your Feed box.

Feed Box honey fillers - GameCraftGather - FFXIV

In this setup, only berries and honey will be delivered to the Feed Box, as there is no more space. This will prompt the Pal AI to try to find another Storage Box/Cooling Box with items like Milk or Eggs in it already, instead of placing them into the Feed Box.

Don’t worry about the honey; as long as you have berries in the first slot, they will never eat anything else!

Natural Ressources Control Tip

If you want to control what your pals focus on and prevent them from, for example, cutting stone or chopping down trees from natural resources inside your base area, here’s a method to achieve that:

How to Block Natural Resources in your Base

First, you need to identify which resource you want to block in your base.
Lets take this tree as an example

Lumbering adjustment tip tree 1 - GameCraftGather - FFXIV

Simply cut down the tree, then select i.e. the wooden foundation and place it where the tree would normally respawn. Repeat this process across your entire base.

Lumbering adjustment tip platform 2 - GameCraftGather - FFXIV

If the platforms are removed, the trees will grow back.

How to Move when Overweight

Have you ever picked up more of one item than you can carry? I’ve often seen people use the method of dropping their items, taking a step forward, picking it up, dropping it again, moving forward, and so on. This is very slow and inefficient, so here’s a better method:

Overweight Rolling Method

The method is simple: you press ‘F’ to pick up the stack, but you also press ‘Ctrl’ to roll at the same time. This allows you to pick up the item while still triggering your character to roll. This method is effective for improving overall movement when handling items.

Video of Rolling Method

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Overweight Grappling Gun Method

I primarily use the Grappling Gun method when I have it properly set up in my base. My most common use case is for my furnace, especially for times when I melt a large number of ingots in one go. This can quickly make me overweight when I go to pick up the items. Here’s an effective method to design your base to eliminate this problem entirely. This approach is particularly suitable for bases designed to work seamlessly with the Grappling Gun.

Video of Grappling Gun Method

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Repair Kits & Pals

If you ever find yourself wandering around, manually repairing your structures with repair kits, try this instead!

Put your repair kits into a box in your base. This will prompt your Pals with Handiwork to automatically, whenever the AI decides, walk over, grab a repair kit, and start repairing your buildings!

Make Pals Repair your Base

Simply craft Repair Tool, which is unlocked at level 3 in the Tech Tree

image 26 - GameCraftGather - FFXIV

Then, after that, place it into a storage box. If you have a Pal with the Handicraft trait, they will pick up the repair kit and fix anything that’s broken.

Video of Pal using Repair Kit

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Palworld Guide: Merchants

Palworld horizon image - GameCraftGather - FFXIV

If you ever find yourself with a surplus of gold coins or simply curious about how to spend them, here are some helpful merchants to keep an eye out for when you need specific items or even pals. ❤

Where to buy Organs, Medicine, Leather, etc.

Head to the small settlement, one of the earliest locations you’ll discover in Palworld. You may also find these items from other wandering merchants, but this is a guaranteed spawn point that’s easily accessible right from the beginning of the game.

Small settlement palworld - GameCraftGather - FFXIV

When you arrive at the Small Settlement, head down towards the end of the city road.

small settlement palworld in the city - GameCraftGather - FFXIV

Here you will see the Wandering Merchant in a small hut, where you can buy anything you really need early on in the game, well except Pal Fluid, that you can farm here.

Small Settlement Vendor - GameCraftGather - FFXIV

Where to buy Ammo for Weapons

It’s possible to purchase ammo for your various guns in the game rather than crafting them. Perhaps you’ve found yourself with a surplus of gold and prefer to spend your ingots on other items. In that case, this merchant is the perfect choice! Personally, I’ve used gold coins to buy ammo from this merchant.

Firstly head to the Duneshelter in the large desert to the North East.

image 25 - GameCraftGather - FFXIV

Head inside where you will find a Wandering Merchant dressed in Black

wandering merchant in duneshelter palworld green version ammo - GameCraftGather - FFXIV

He will sell you different type of Ammo among other useful items.

wandering merchant in duneshelter palworld how to buy ammo - GameCraftGather - FFXIV

Where to buy High Quality Pal Oil

You’ll frequently find yourself in need of High-Quality Pal Oil, which you can obtain either through farming or by purchasing it from a specific wandering merchant in Duneshelter for 300 Gold coins each.

Firstly head to the Duneshelter in the large desert to the North East.

image 25 - GameCraftGather - FFXIV

Head inside where you will find a Wandering Merchant dressed in Red

Wandering merchant in duneshelter palworld standing in front - GameCraftGather - FFXIV

He will sell you High Quality Pal Oil for 300 Gold Coins, among other things.

Wandering merchant in duneshelter Palworld - GameCraftGather - FFXIV

Where to find the Black Marketeer

Head to the Desolate Church, and from there, go west. Jump down the cliff, and you’ll come across an Abandoned Mine where you can find the Black Marketeer. Although the Black Marketeer can be found in multiple locations across the map, this is one of the easiest ones to access for most players.

Black Marketeer Desolate Church - GameCraftGather - FFXIV
Black Marketeer Abandoned Mineshaft 1 - GameCraftGather - FFXIV

Video to the Black Marketeer

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Capture a Merchant to keep in Base

It is indeed possible to capture a merchant or a Black Marketeer for your base. This is especially useful for when you need to restock on specific materials such as bones, medicine, etc. Furthermore, the Black Marketeer refreshes his Pals each time he’s summoned, essentially allowing you to discover as many Pals as you wish (out of his possible assortment, of course).

image 32 - GameCraftGather - FFXIV

Need Gold Coins quickly?

If you are tired of grinding dungeons or fighting pals, you can craft nails in your base!


image 33 - GameCraftGather - FFXIV

One nail sells for 80 Gold Coins at a merchant, this means that one Ingot is worth 160 gold!

Thank you for reading!

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