How to Farm Flame Organs in Palworld

Jan 23, 2024 | Palworld

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Flame Organs in Early Game

Start by going to these coordinates (173, -470) which is also the TP point called Grassy Behemoth Hills, near the Plateau of Beginnings starting point.

Flame organ area grassy behemoth hills - GameCraftGather - FFXIV

In this area you will discover a Pal called Foxparks, which are low level fire pals, identified by their bright red fox fur, and the fire symbol on their hp bar.

Fox Sparks palworld flame organ - GameCraftGather - FFXIV

When you defeat or catch a fire pal you will be rewarded with a Flame Organ!

image 19 - GameCraftGather - FFXIV

Congrats! You now got an easy way to farm Flame Organs in the early stage of the game, now just repeat this process as many times as you wish!

Flame Organs with Ranch

If you have reached level 5, you can unlock a Ranch, where you will be able to utilize the passiv skill Farming, which is a trait that some Pals will have after being captured. This will cause them to run to the Ranch to then start producing a by product such as wool and eggs.

Level 5 palworld - GameCraftGather - FFXIV
Press T to see the Tech tree

One of the Pals will spawn Flame Organs over time with its passive while in the Ranch, this pal is Flamebelle.

flamebelle palworld - GameCraftGather - FFXIV

Flamebelles natural habitat can be seen here:

Flamebelle habitat palworld - GameCraftGather - FFXIV

When you have caught a Flamebelle, all you have to do is add it to your base where you have your Ranch, and your little new pal will go get you some flame organs!

Buying Flame Organs

It is also possible to get Flame Organs through gold. The easiest way is to go to the Small Settlement located here:

Small settlement palworld - GameCraftGather - FFXIV

Here you will see a tiny village with small huts, look for the hut all the way in the back.

small settlement palworld in the city - GameCraftGather - FFXIV

Here you will be able to exchange gold for different items, one of them being flame organs!

Small Settlement Vendor - GameCraftGather - FFXIV

Happy crafting & gathering!

Views: 2,510
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  1. While early on buying them may be faster, later on with better flying mounts (like Beakon) it may just be easier to go after flame cultists, who live around volcanoes and deserts and carry around 8 flame organs each. They tend to spawn in clusters which makes it easier to blow them away with an aoe move.

    • Thats a great idea! ❤
      Early on you will not be able to do this, but its one more option for later on!


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