How to Set Up a Mining Base in Palworld: Best Locations for Ore, Coal, and Quartz!

Jan 26, 2024 | Palworld

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After getting access to your second base, I would recommend immediately thinking about building a mining base. Even if you are further in and have access to your third base, it would be nice to have access to multiple different types of mining bases, such as one for ore and another for coal.

This guide will help you find, in my opinion, some of the best spots for farming these three types of materials!

Whats a Mining Base?

A mining base is, very simply, a base set up exclusively for mining purposes. The idea is to find a location that has 5-9 nodes of the material you need, such as ore, coal, or quartz. Then, you deploy pals who will focus on mining or sustaining the team of mining pals, and well, then you just watch them work away! Additionally, if you build an ore base, I would recommend having furnaces inside your mining base so you can smelt while your pals mine away.

What do you need in a mining base?

For the most basic setup of a self-sustaining mining base, you will need the following:

  • A good locations with 5-9 nodes.
  • At least 4 pals with level 2 mining.
  • 2 berry plantations.
  • Beds for all pals.
  • A feed box.
  • A hot spring.

Of course, it’s possible to add more to this base, such as a ranch, furnace, different types of food, etc., but these are the basic requirements if you want it to run by itself.

Best Mining Base Locations Map

I have created an overview on the world map, indicating the spots that I believe are among the best for each material. I have added a few for each type, as I think each spot has its own qualities in areas such as scenery, the flatness of the ground, and the convenience of distance to another teleportation point.

Mining base map 1.1 - GameCraftGather - FFXIV

Click here to open Fullsize Map

Basic Mining Base Pal Setup

For a mining base, you really don’t need much, and the same goes for the pals needed. There are multiple ways to achieve an efficient pal setup. All setups are assumed to be for levels under 25, run 2x primitive furnaces, and are quite easy to acquire. I achieved this entire setup at level 20.

With all setups, we will have these mining base-relevant traits available:

  • Collection
  • Mining
  • Watering
  • Emit Flame
  • Transport

These are examples of basic mining setups; the miners mentioned are, in my opinion, the best for early to mid-game ❤

Pal Setup Example 1

This setup should easily be attainable for someone around level 15-20.

Miners: Penking, Digtoise & Dumud.
Food Productions: Bristla, Penking.
Smelting: Foxparks.
Transportation: Penking, Bristla, Dumud.

Setup 1 dumud foxparks 1 - GameCraftGather - FFXIV

Pal Setup Example 2

Example 2 replaces Foxparks with Wixen. Wixen has level 2 Emit Flame, which makes it much better at smelting, while also having level 2 transport available for when it’s not working at the furnace. If you choose this setup, I would recommend gradually replacing the Dumuds with Quiverns, as Quivern is just an overall solid Pal for a mining base.

Miners: Penking, Digtoise, Dumud & Quivern.
Food Productions: Bristla, Penking & Quivern.
Smelting: Wixen.
Transportation: Penking, Bristla, Dumud, Quivern, Wixen.

Setup 2 wixen 1 - GameCraftGather - FFXIV

Pal Setup Example 3

For the last example, I have introduced Tombats instead of Dumuds. You could argue that replacing some with Quiverns is still a viable option, but I appreciate that Tombats work during nighttime while also possessing level 2 Transportation. In the end, it’s a matter of preference; you could also opt for one fewer Wixen and add an extra miner of your choice.

Miners: Penking, Digtoise, Tombat & Quivern
Food Productions: Bristla, Penking & Quivern
Smelting: Wixen
Transportation: Penking, Bristla, Tombat, Quivern, Wixen

Setup 3 tomcat - GameCraftGather - FFXIV

Share your early and late-game setups in the comments! ❤

Tree & Lumbering Control Tip

If you end up using, for instance, Tanzee or Lifmunk—two very good early-game pals—in your mining base, you’ll likely find that they often focus on cutting down trees. As much as it’s nice to have lumber, their primary function should be for food production and transport.

So, how do you prevent them from focusing on lumbering? The solution is straightforward: remove all the trees. Yes, all of them. Here’s how:

First, you need to identify which trees are within the circle of your mining base.

Lumbering adjustment tip tree 1 - GameCraftGather - FFXIV

Simply cut down the tree, then select the wooden foundation and place it where the tree would normally respawn. Repeat this process across your entire base. (Most of the areas I have showcased have very few trees, so this task will not take long).

Lumbering adjustment tip platform 2 - GameCraftGather - FFXIV

If the platforms are removed, the trees will grow back.

Thank you for reading! ❤
Happy Crafting, Gathering, and, of course, Mining!

Views: 52,211
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  1. I don’t have all these pals yet so im using what i have, do they need level 3 mining to mine coal? only my reptyro will mine it while dumud and mammorest will not

    • Yup, lvl 3 mining for coal

  2. Any tips on good Sulphur mining base locations?

    • You will be able to find a lot of Sulfur around the TP point called Eternal Pyre Tower Entrance, its to the far west just next to the tower ontop of the volcano.
      Hope it helps! ❤

  3. The tree foundation trick is smart

  4. Super helpful!!


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