“Top 10 Easy tasks in FFXIV: Earn Gil Directly and Indirectly”

Dec 8, 2023 | Crafting, FFXIV, Gathering

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How to Earn Gil in FFXIV: Top Easy Tasks

Welcome to Final Fantasy XIV, a world where a multitude of weekly tasks offer the potential for significant gil rewards. As a beginner, tasks may seem overwhelming, but we’re here to guide you. We present you with the top 10 tasks known to yield plentiful gil, both directly and indirectly.

“In Final Fantasy XIV, it’s not the time but the strategy that matters.”

Whether you prefer the direct method of accumulating gil through daily roulettes or prefer an indirect approach through tomestones or custom deliveries, we’ve got you covered. Let’s delve deep into the top ten weekly tasks for beginners, each designed to optimize both your playing time and gil accumulation. 

1. Daily Roulettes  

Participating in daily roulettes in FFXIV presents a unique opportunity for you to earn Gil and amass a significant amount of in-game currency. As you engage in these incremental challenges, you’ll encounter raw Gil rewards that will directly contribute to your financial growth in the game. This is a prime way to earn Gil in FFXIV. Apart from the raw Gil, daily roulettes also offer bonus incentives for ‘needed roles’. By fulfilling these roles, we assure you, your earning potential is further catapulted, serving to enhance your gameplay experience and your ability to earn Gil in FFXIV. Furthermore, for players who have attained the maximum level, daily roulettes serve as an avenue to procure endgame tomestones. Handling these tomestones wisely will allow you to purchase materials that command substantial value, further enhancing your ability to earn Gil in FFXIV. Thus, daily roulettes provide an augmented experience and lucrative rewards that can help create a strong economic base for your character in FFXIV.

2. Custom Deliveries  

I recommend custom deliveries in FFXIV as an efficient way to earn white and purple scrips, and as a strategic method to earn Gil. These scrips can be easily acquired with lower-level crafts and gathers, making them accessible for players looking to earn Gil in FFXIV. Once you have these scrips, they can be exchanged for profitable items like crafting materia, further enhancing your opportunities to earn Gil within the game.

3. Hunts  

Hunting, particularly in the Shadowbringers and Endwalker realms, can be an excellent method to amass gil, especially during the six weeks following a new patch release. The hunts yield generous amounts of tomestones, which can be traded for high-value marketplace items. 

4. Challenge Log  

Completing weekly challenge logs is a task that can directly earn Gil. Challenge logs are a set of objectives that reset on a weekly basis. By completing these objectives, such as participating in specific activities or defeating certain enemies, players can earn Gil as a reward. It is a simple and consistent way to earn Gil over time. 

5. Treasure Maps  

We strongly suggest obtaining the most recent treasure map from Elpis, given its current market value and the low required effort needed. If you’re not at advanced levels yet, don’t worry. You can still profit by trading lower-level maps, which are usually sold at good decent prices on the marketboard. Treasure maps reset on a 18 hour interval, based on when you gathered your previous map.

6. Levequest Grinding  

Levequests, especially for crafters and gatherers, offer excellent XP and a good amount of gil. Remember to use your daily leve allowances wisely. Check out this guide for the best gil making with leves!

7. Retainer Ventures  

Send your retainer on ventures to gather items, gil, and more. The items can be used or sold for profit.

Try to focus on materials that is used for white or purple scrips recipes. Some popular ones are Rarefied Syrup, Rarefied Draught, Rarefied Giant Popoto Pancakes, Rarefied Integral Armillae and Rarefied Sykon Bavarois.
Ofcourse there is multiple others, but these are some popular choices when it comes to recipes that requires easy to get materials from gathering and hunting ventures.

8. Beast Tribe Quests  

One easy task in FFXIV that can directly earn Gil is completing daily Beast Tribe quests. These quests can be found in various locations and are offered by different tribes. By completing these quests, players can earn Gil as a reward, along with other valuable items and experience points. It is a simple and consistent way to earn Gil on a daily basis.

9. Fates

Participating in FATEs: FATEs (Full Active Time Events) are dynamic events that occur in the game world. Completing FATEs not only provides experience points but also rewards Gil and Bicolored gemstones (Which can be exchanged for materials), making them a worthwhile activity.

10. Dungeons

Running dungeons and selling the loot is a common method to directly earn Gil. Dungeons are instanced areas where players can team up to defeat powerful enemies and collect valuable loot. By running dungeons and selling the loot drops, players can earn Gil. Try to find dungeons that drops specific high demand furniture items, to truely benefit from dungeon spamming. Most old dungeons can easily be soloed by a level 90 character, so go wild!

Views: 1,334
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