Every role and job in FFXIV – Which job suits you best for 2024?

Dec 7, 2023 | FFXIV

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Every role in Endwalker, and why you should play them

Understanding the breadth of FFXIV jobs in 2024, can appear challenging, given the array of choices. Each job offers its unique gameplay and mechanics, making the decision critical yet thrilling. Addressing this need, my aim is to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of each job’s nuances. I am confident that, together, we will identify the job that best resonates with your playstyle while enriching your overall gaming experience.

FFXIV jobs in 2024, and why you should play them

Let’s delve into the specifics of each job class in FFXIV. Here, I’ll cover the unique strengths and features of each job, providing insights to help you customize your gameplay according to your preferences.

The Tank Jobs

As a tank, your primary objective is to absorb damage and maintain the enemy’s attention, shielding your team and creating opportunities for them to shine. So, if you thrive in a leadership role, if the idea of strategies, courage, and fortitude beckons you, tank roles such as Paladin, Warrior, Gunbreaker, or Dark Knight could be your true calling. 

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Why you should play Paladin

Choosing the Paladin job may offer a rewarding experience for players. As one of the premier tank roles, the Paladin has a high degree of survivability, making it ideal for players who wish to take on a leadership role within their group, effectively managing the battlefield and drawing aggro away from the more vulnerable party members. Characterized by its defensive prowess and versatile skillset, the Paladin allows you to mitigate a substantial amount of damage while maintaining a strong offensive presence. With an impressive variety of both magical and physical abilities at your disposal, we guarantee that thriving as a Paladin will provide you with a challenging yet deeply fulfilling experience in FFXIV’s Endwalker.

Why you should play Warrior

Step into the role of a formidable tank, capable of withstanding enormous damage while protecting your allies. The warrior’s resilience, coupled with their potent damage potential, offers a unique gameplay experience rooted in control and aggression. Using the Warrior’s defining ability – the Inner Beast, you are able to harness your built up Rage to unleash powerful attacks or bolster your defenses, truly embodying the essence of an unstoppable force. Furthermore, Warriors come with useful and intricate toolkit, encouraging tactical gameplay knowledge and use of abilities such as Storm’s Path. Opting to stand as a Warrior brings you, aside from a powerful character, a high degree of satisfaction knowing you play a vital role in determining your group’s success and survival. If you are inclined towards becoming the sturdy shield and uncompromising sword of your party, then the Warrior in FFXIV’s Endwalker can assuredly fulfill that role.

Why you should play Dark Knight

The choice to become a Dark Knight can prove to be incredibly rewarding. As a job rooted in the Tank role, the Dark Knight not only offers robust defense but also an intricate playstyle built around the MP management and the unique Darkside mechanic. Furthermore, Darkness, the spellcasting ability of the Dark Knight, presents players with an opportunity to take on opponents using magic instead of typical melee abilities. As a Dark Knight, you’ll have access to the fierce aesthetic of darkness-themed armor and weapons, even featuring an ethereal greatsword of shadow. This job’s lore, intertwined with themes of personal justice and redemption, provides players with an enriching narrative element. Therefore, becoming a Dark Knight opens the door to immersive encounters, profound storylines, and rewarding gameplay.

Why you should play Gunbreaker

Choosing the role of a Gunbreaker presents a unique blend of offensive and defensive capabilities. This job hinges on proficiency with a gunblade, a powerful weapon that allows for a dynamic range of attacks. As a Gunbreaker, you will find yourself at the frontline, proving instrumental in both diverting threats from your allies and dishing out significant damage. Its intricate rotation demands attentiveness, offering a genuinely engaging combat experience. Add to this the thrill of deploying dramatic cartridges-loaded maneuvers, and you have an exhilaratingly interactive role. If you crave a frenetic, strategy-driven experience that keeps you constantly on your toes, being a Gunbreaker could be your calling.

The Healer Jobs

Healers are the heart of the team, holding the power of life and death in their virtuous hands. They ensure the team perseveres through the deepest dungeons and toughest battles, providing vital sustainability. If you find satisfaction in coordinating with your party, reviving fallen comrades and maintaining the team’s vitality, then roles like White Mage, Scholar, Astrologian, or Sage might appeal to you. 

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Why you should play White Mage

The White Mage epitomizes the classic healer role in MMORPGs, making it an essential choice for those who take satisfaction in supporting their team and maintaining its vitality. As a White Mage, you will have access to a robust toolkit of healing spells and protective barriers, which allows to effectively restore the health of your team and shield them from incoming damage. In addition to your pivotal role in team survival, the White Mage also possesses a selection of damage dealing spells, granting you an active hand in defeating opponents. The diverse skills range and the strategic gameplay that comes with balancing healing and damage output make the White Mage a fulfilling and engaging job to play in FFXIV Endwalker.

Why you should play Scholar

The Scholar job in Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker offers a unique gameplay experience centered on strategic healing and damage mitigation. As a Scholar, you’ll wield powerful Arcanima magics and command a fairy companion to aid in battle. This class promotes a proactive playstyle, rewarding players who anticipate the needs of their group and respond accordingly with a mix of powerful shields and healing spells. Additionally, the Scholar’s pet offers a constant stream of passive healing, allowing you to focus on intricate mechanics while maintaining the party’s health pool. Embarking on a journey as a Scholar can be an engaging, challenging and ultimately rewarding choice for players seeking a cerebral, tactical approach to the healer role.

Why you should play Astrologian

With the cosmos at your fingertips, the Astrologian is a fascinating choice for those interested in a uniquely challenging healer role. As an Astrologian, you are gifted with the power to manipulate celestial energies, enabling you to provide both restorative aid and potent buffs to your allies. Drawing cards to bestow various boons upon party members offers an engaging playstyle, keeping things interesting and rewarding. You’re not only healing, you’re actively enhancing your team’s performance, ensuring your utility is always in demand. This job is unique in that it adds an element of luck and strategic planning, offering varied gameplay that can dramatically impact the outcome of battles. Choosing Astrologian adds an extra layer of depth to your healer role, suiting those who relish a bit more complexity and want to offer more than just healing spells to their party.

Why you should play Sage

In FFXIV Endwalker, embarking upon the role of a Sage offers a captivating and rewarding experience for those drawn to healing roles. Uniquely characterized by their distinctive weaponry, the ‘nouliths’, Sages demonstrate superior maneuverability, allowing for dynamic in-the-moment strategy alterations in both offensive and healing capacities. Also, it carries the honor of being the newest healing job, providing a sense of novelty and fresh adventure. Choosing to play a Sage not only enables you to enact critical restoration and support in group dynamics but also contributes significantly to your team’s offense, ensuring a well-rounded, exhilarating gameplay experience.

The Melee DPS Jobs

DPS are the damage dealers, brandishing a wide variety of weapons and specialized abilities to wreak havoc on the enemy lines. If you are more inclined towards an aggressive playstyle, with a focus on perfecting battle techniques, then the DPS job roles—subdivided into melee DPS, physical ranged DPS, and magic ranged DPS—may speak to your soul. Jobs like Samurai, Dragoon, Ninja, Monk, Bard, Machinist, Dancer, Black Mage, Summoner, Red Mage, or Blue Mage all fall under this category. 

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Why you should play Monk

The Monk job stands as a premier option for those players seeking a high-damage melee role with a dynamic system that rewards technical execution. Specializing in martial arts, Monks can deliver devastating combos to adversaries while boasting an improved mobility which allows for effective position management on the battlefield. Moreover, the class’s ongoing evolution with the introduction of Endwalker ensures a fresh and unprecedented combat experience, making it a rewarding choice for both existing fans and newcomers alike.

Why you should play Dragoon

Being a Dragoon in FFXIV: Endwalker presents a unique and rewarding experience. Renowned for their towering jumps and devastating piercing attacks, Dragoons carry the weight of an ancient legacy, making them one of the most iconic roles in the Final Fantasy universe. As a Dragoon, you are granted the opportunity to deal high DPS and stay resilient in the harshest of combat situations, due to their enhanced defense capabilities. For those looking for a role that combines rich lore, tactical complexity and impactful combat performance, the Dragoon job is an excellent choice.

Why you should play Ninja

As a Ninja in FFXIV, you’ll experience a unique blend of utility and damage-dealing potential. This agile, stealth-based role distills the thrill of traditional rogue classes with a complex, tactical gameplay that values precision timing and keen spatial awareness. With their advanced ninjutsu and assassinations techniques, Ninjas are able to swiftly whittle down an enemy’s health, all while supporting the team with crowd control skills. Mastering a Ninja rewards you with satisfying gameplay, as your chain of attacks effectively dismantle your foes. This job is perfect for players who are looking for dynamic combat with captivating intricacies, and a significant role in party play.

Why you should play Samurai

As a Samurai, your character embodies a consummate martial artist wielding an elegant Katana, capable of dealing impressive damage. This melee DPS job follows a unique “sen” system, delivering devastating attacks through swift skill combinations. If you value play-style variety, high potential for damage, and enjoy lore steeped within Eastern philosophies, the Samurai provides an immersive and challenging experience—perfect for those seeking to master nuanced combat mechanics in FFXIV Endwalker.

Why you should play Reaper

If the allure of wielding a destructive, monstrous avatar and the thrill of harnessing raw, unfiltered power entices you, we recommend the Reaper. As the new melee DPS introduced in FFXIV Endwalker, the Reaper excels in scythe-based close combat, supplemented by the unique ability to summon an avatar from the void. With exceptionally fluid gameplay that seamlessly combines melee attacks with short-ranged spells, playing a Reaper can render a truly immersive and dynamic experience. Don this job to feel the satisfying weight of each scythe swing, to tap into the potent essence of the void, and to revel in an intricate playstyle that offers a spectrum of exciting and impactful choices. 

The Physical Range Jobs

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Why you should play Bard

If you’re captivated the by allure of infusing melody with might, look no further than the Bard. With the Bard, you will effortlessly meld combat and songs, making this professional particularly crucial in any squadron. Owning the role of a ranged physical DPS, Bards provide not just damage but also significantly enhance group play by singing songs that buff their partners. This allows Bards to support their teammates even as they rain arrows down upon adversaries. Furthermore, their mobility on the battlefield is unequalled, effortlessly kiting opponents while reigning in impressive damage. The Bard additionally showcases a rich storyline for those searching for an immersive gaming experience. Emerge as the unsung hero of your team, the Bard can both inspire and subdue, making it a distinctively fascinating job to choose for Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker.

Why you should play Machinist

If you’re seeking a role that combines both high damage output and utility in a dynamic setting, playing the Machinist in FFXIV Endwalker might be the perfect choice for you. This job stands out for its unique, firearm-based gameplay that provides a fast-paced, strategic experience unlike any other DPS job. Managing your Heat Gauge to deploy powerful attacks and dazzling animations brings a level of engagement that’s immensely satisfying. Additionally, you’ll have the capacity to support your group with a party-wide damage buff from your Rook Autoturret. Truly, the Machinist is a job ideal for players desiring a sophisticated, yet rewarding DPS role in their FFXIV Endwalker adventures.

Why you should play Dancer

As a Dancer, players can indulge in a unique FFXIV Endwalker experience as this DPS class combines dazzling aesthetics with an engaging playstyle. Revered not only for its stylish combat techniques, the Dancer also possesses an array of party buffs, making this role desirable in any party composition. With its prowess in both ranged and aoe attacks, the Dancer offers a dynamic battlefield presence, making it an appealing choice for players who appreciate multifaceted gameplay.

The Caster DPS Jobs

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Why you should play Black Mage

As a Black Mage in FFXIV Endwalker, you’re empowered with unparalleled magic power, making you a formidable force on any battlefield. An attractive choice for those who love dishing devastating offensive spells, the Black Mage boasts extensive damage-per-second capabilities, often being the driving force behind a victorious campaign. Harnessing the elements of fire, ice, and thunder, you’ll orchestrate a symphony of destruction that few enemies can withstand. Additionally, its contrasting facet of both damage-dealing capacity and the suspense of managing your mana pool introduce a unique rhythm to the gameplay that sets it apart from other jobs. If you’re searching for a dynamic and exciting role, with a captivating and challenging playstyle, the Black Mage is an excellent choice to master in Endwalker.

Why you should play Summoner

Exemplifying the essence of versatility, the Summoner job in FFXIV Endwalker is a particularly appealing choice for players seeking an adaptable casters role. This DPS class is lauded for its unique ability to summon various primals in the game as egi, aiding in both solo encounters and group endeavors. Engaging in the Summoner role, players can direct the offensive capacities, dealing significant damage with various skills and spells. Moreover, the Summoner class provides the unique thrill of masterfully wielding the elements, perfecting the usage of earth, wind, and fire to their advantage. For those craving a dynamic and potent DPS role that allows the player to consistently adapt to the varying scenarios of gameplay, taking on the job of Summoner would be an astute choice.

Why you should play Red Mage

The Red Mage offers a unique playstyle in the FFXIV Endwalker expansion. Being a hybrid DPS class, it provides the opportunity to master balance between melee and ranged magical attacks, offering a diverse experience for players. With its quick dual-casting ability, this class allows you to react swiftly to changing battle situations. Furthermore, Red Mage has the potential to perform considerable burst damage and also boasts some supportive abilities, including an invaluable raise spell, which can turn the tide in battles. Extreme mobility, coupled with an engaging and dynamic combat style, makes the Red Mage a compelling choice for those players who value depth and versatility in gameplay.

Selecting the Most Suitable Job for You 

In Final Fantasy XIV, players are not confined to a single job for their character. Instead, you are granted the liberty to switch roles at your convenience, suiting the demands of a given in-game situation. 

We want to underscore that a unique facet of this game is the unprecedented flexibility granted by its job system. Contrary to many other conventional MMORPGs, Final Fantasy XIV allows you to alter jobs – or classes – at any time without requiring the creation of a new character. This feature augments the diversity, complexity, and personalization inherent in the gameplay, thus promising a rich, adaptable experience.  

Conclusion for FFXIV jobs in 2024

Your success in FFXIV Endwalker significantly depends on choosing and mastering a specific role. Whether it’s tank, healer, or DPS jobs, each offers unique gameplay excitement. In Final Fantasy, the game’s enjoyment isn’t just about skill, it’s also about having fun. I believe that choosing a job that challenges and pleases you will make the game more rewarding. This balance between skill and personal satisfaction is key to the best gaming experience. Remember, FFXIV Endwalker is a vast, immersive universe crafted for your exploration and leisure. Mixing your skills with personal enjoyment will result in the most fulfilling journey. As you venture into the captivating world of FFXIV Endwalker, we hope you discover, master, and thoroughly enjoy your chosen roles.

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