Best Way to Farm Venture Tokens in FFXIV Using Hunts – 2024

Jan 4, 2024 | Patch Prep, FFXIV, Guide

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Time to Stock up on Venture Tokens

It’s that time again—time to stock up on Venture Tokens for the upcoming expansion. With a significant amount of time left before the release of Dawntrail, I thought it would be helpful to share how I personally acquire my venture tokens. Of course, there might be other effective methods, but this is to aid those who aren’t sure of a good way to obtain them.

It’s, of course, 100% up to you if you choose to buy something else, but for the purpose of this guide, we’ll focus on Venture Tokens. I personally, when running low, like to buy Venture Tokens for my retainers and use Allied & Centurio Seals for Aetheryte tickets.

Venture Tokens with Hunts

I think an underrated way to gain Venture Tokens is through hunt trains. Many players recognize the benefits of hunts in FFXIV, especially due to the different currencies you acquire when killing A and S ranks.

Another significant advantage of hunts is that you also gain the Tomestone of Causality. These can be spent on materials to sell on the Market Board or for the latest relic weapons!

But did you know that you can also get Venture Tokens through nuts?

Sack of Nuts is a currency you gain when you kill Shadowbringers or Endwalker SS, S, and A ranks. These can be exchanged at a “Guildship Hunt Vendor,” found in multiple cities.

So, the idea is simple: spend nuts to buy the newest Moonward gear available at the vendor.

Which Expansions Are Worth It?

You might think it makes the most sense to focus solely on the Sack of Nuts from Endwalker and Shadowbringers. While this is an effective method to gain Venture Tokens, don’t overlook A Realm Reborn (ARR)!

Looking at the numbers in terms of exchange rates, it’s possible to get around 36.8 Venture Tokens per 100 nuts, while ARR S ranks give 37.5. This makes them almost identical in terms of Venture Token exchanges.

ARR S ranks have the benefit of being easily accessible and straightforward. This means that even when you join them late with the Faloop discord community, they still die very quickly. In comparison, Endwalker S ranks might be much slower, and you will likely have to learn how not to die against the different S ranks when there are fewer people. However, I’d argue that it’s quite easy to learn the different S ranks after a few attempts.

The major benefit of Shadowbringers and Endwalker is the random chance for SS ranks, which yield four times the Sack of Nuts—that’s 147.2 Venture Tokens!

Heavensward and Stormblood aren’t as lucrative as the others, but they’re still decent to do, especially if you’re focusing on the A and S rank achievements.

Just remember, always join a party, tag the spawned S or A rank, and even if you die, you still get loot! Alternatively, just try to be a tank, use tank stance and hit it!

How to Exchange Sack of Nuts for Venture Tokens

First, locate one of the designated vendors for Sack of Nuts.

image 9 - GameCraftGather - FFXIV

Next, navigate through the menus to Moonward Gear Exchange (DoW) & (DoM).

image 10 - GameCraftGather - FFXIV

Then, purchase each accessory for 25 Sack of Nuts each (there are 20 accessories in total).
If you have more Sack of Nuts left after buying all, you’ll need to make another trip.

This process will cost you a total of 500 Sack of Nuts.

image 11 - GameCraftGather - FFXIV

Your inventory should look something like this

image 12 - GameCraftGather - FFXIV

Time to supply your Grand Company, by doing Provisioning Missions

image 13 - GameCraftGather - FFXIV

Click on the ‘Expert Delivery’ tab.

image 14 - GameCraftGather - FFXIV

After handing in all the Moonward Accessories, you should now have a total of 36,900 Grand Company Seals. These can be exchanged with the Quartermaster for 184 Venture Tokens!

Venture Tokens with Allied & Centurio Seals

You can also use the Allied and Centurio seals from A Realm Reborn, Heavensward, and Stormblood. To do this, visit the Hunt Billmaster at your Grand Company base for Allied Seals, and in Foundation (Ishgard), close to the Aetheryte crystal “The Forgotten Knight.” Inside the inn, downstairs, you’ll find the exchange for Centurio Seals.

I personally don’t do this, as I prefer buying Aetheryte Tickets with both these currencies.

image 15 - GameCraftGather - FFXIV

You will need to talk to this person.

image 16 - GameCraftGather - FFXIV

Exchange Rates for Allied & Centurio Seals

Here’s a look at the exchange rates for both Allied and Centurio seals:

Allied exchange rate

image 18 - GameCraftGather - FFXIV

Centurio exchange rate

image 17 - GameCraftGather - FFXIV

Hunts Rewards in each expansion

Tables sourced from FFXIV Wiki

ARR Hunts Rewards

image 3 - GameCraftGather - FFXIV

Heavensward Hunts Rewards

image 5 - GameCraftGather - FFXIV

Stormblood Hunts Rewards

image 6 - GameCraftGather - FFXIV

Shadowbringers Hunts Rewards

image 7 - GameCraftGather - FFXIV

Endwalker Hunts Rewards

image 8 - GameCraftGather - FFXIV
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