FFXIV Levequest Guide: Maximize Your Gil Earnings

Apr 12, 2023 | Crafting

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FFXIV Levequest Guide

Looking for a quick and easy way to make gil in FFXIV? Even with the nerfs in the Endwalker expansion, FFXIV Levequests can still be a great option. In this FFXIV Levequest Guide, I’ll show you how to potentially make over 1.5 million gil per month with a few tips and tricks, as well as highlight the best FFXIV levequests to complete for the biggest payoffs.


To get started with FFXIV levequests and maximize your gil earnings, make sure you have the Endwalker expansion and have leveled your crafting jobs (Alchemist and/or Culinarian) to mid-80s or higher. This FFXIV Levequest Guide will help you identify the best options to complete for the biggest payoffs. All materials can be purchased on the Market Board, but keep in mind that this may result in lower profit margins overall

Next, go to the “Leves of Old Sharlayan” quest to access Tradecraft Leves in Old Sharlayan.

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Best Levequests for gil

To make the most of your leve allowance each month, focus on one of these three specific quests that require Alchemist or Culinarian. These quests are the most efficient for making gil.

Remember to always provide the NPC with HQ (High Quality) items when completing leves. This will double the rewards shown in the quest, maximizing your profit.

Alchemist levequests

The “Practical Command” leve is the best option for Alchemists in Endwalker. To complete it, you’ll need to provide the NPC with 3 Commanding Craftsman’s Draught, which are easy to make and require only basic non-melded gear to complete even in HQ. Each hand-in can earn you between 9-11k gil, with some slight variation in the rewards, as well as a small return on the materials used. Keep in mind that the primary focus of this guide is making gil, not gaining experience points through leves.

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Remember to click on the Alchemist tab when you interact with the NPC
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You can easily gather all the materials for the “Practical Command” leve, except for the Petalouda Scales. You can either purchase them from the marketboard or send a battle retainer to collect them from hunting missions. Keep in mind that this option requires the retainer to have adequate gear and a high enough level to obtain the scales. If you decide to buy them from the market board, your profit margin may be slightly reduced, but it’s still a worthwhile investment.

Culinarian levequests

For a more involved quest, try “The Mountain Steeped” leve, which is available to Culinarians at level 88. Although it may offer slightly less gil per completion than “Practical Command” due to requiring more materials, it can be a useful alternative if you don’t have the Alchemist job leveled up, a combat Retainer, or haven’t upgraded your Retainer’s gear.

For “The Mountain Steeped” leve, you can expect to earn around the same amount of gil per turn in, anywhere from 9-11k gil, plus the extra materials that are refunded.

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Remember to click on the Culinarian tab when you interact with the NPC
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One advantage of “The Mountain Steeped” leve is that you don’t need any materials from monsters like you do in the “Practical Command” leve. However, you will need to do some extra gathering and crafting to get started, such as acquiring more materials, processing Palm Syrup into Palm Sugar, and even obtaining Lemonette from a timed node. This quest is still very profitable overall, making it a great option if you don’t have an alchemist job leveled up.

Endwalker levequests macro

Lastly, you will need to be able to craft the hand-ins for the leves, which you can accomplish using the following macro:

Macro testing was done with
3000 Craftsmanship, 3000 control and 485 CP

/ac Reflect <wait.3>
/ac Manipulation <wait.2>
/ac Innovation <wait.2>
/ac "Preparatory Touch" <wait.3>
/ac "Preparatory Touch" <wait.3>
/ac "Preparatory Touch" <wait.3>
/ac "Great Strides" <wait.2>
/ac "Byregot's Blessing" <wait.3>
/ac Veneration <wait.2>
/ac "Master's Mend" <wait.3>
/ac Groundwork <wait.3>
/ac Groundwork <wait.3>
/ac Groundwork <wait.3>

If you find that you get capped on Quality due to your gear being better than the test gear, you can adjust the slightly by removing the last Preparatory Touch and Master’s Mend.

My Personal Recommendation

Endwalker might be the latest expansion, but I want to highlight one of my favorite Levequests from Shadowbringers: “A Labor of love”

This levequest is a simple yet highly profitable option for Alchemists. You can find the NPC who offers this quest in The Crystarium.

Skaermbillede 2023 04 12 043027 - GameCraftGather - FFXIV

Here the focus will be on the quest “A Labor of Love” which is a level 78 Alchemist quest.

Skaermbillede 2023 04 11 201024 - GameCraftGather - FFXIV
Remember to click on the Alchemist tab when you interact with the NPC
Skaermbillede 2023 04 11 201106 - GameCraftGather - FFXIV

At first glance, this quest may seem like a lot of work since it involves gathering materials from monsters, as well as White Scrip to purchase Aethersands.

All of the materials needed for this quest are quite easy to obtain. One of the biggest advantages of this quest is that it is below level 80, which means any level 90 Alchemist can easily complete each craft. This reduces the overall time spent crafting and leaves more time to do other activities in the game.

To give an idea of how quickly one craft can be done, a macro is provided below.

Macro testing was done with
A level 90 Alchemist

/ac "Trained Eye" <wait.3>
/ac Veneration <wait.2>
/ac Groundwork <wait.3>

Reason for using veneration instead of 2xGroundwork, is to cut away 1 second of extra crafting time. However, simply doing this by hand, will make it much shorter.


This FFXIV Levequest Guide showcases that Levequests can still be a viable option to make gil in Endwalker, but you should also consider the potential of old leves from previous expansions. As shown in this guide, you have several lucrative options available.

When you choose a Levequest, you must consider the required materials, crafting difficulty, crafting time, and potential gil reward. The “Practical Command” and “The Mountain Steeped” Levequests are excellent options for high-level Alchemists and Culinarians, respectively, and you can complete both quickly with the right materials and crafting skills.

I highly recommend “A Labor of Love” over the other options mentioned, but keep in mind that all three quests can earn you a significant amount of gil. The reason “A Labor of Love” stands out is due to its efficiency – each craft takes much less time compared to the other quests, making it a great option for those looking for a more straightforward approach.

If you prioritize time over a large profit margin, there’s a viable option for you as well. You can simply purchase the finished products and turn them in to complete the levequests instead of gathering and crafting the materials yourself. While this method may require a larger upfront investment of gil, it can save you a considerable amount of time and effort in the long run. However, it’s important to note that this method will most likely reduce your overall profits by half, but it’s still a reliable way to earn gil without investing too much time into the process.

Views: 381
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