The Best Ways to Level Up Your Gathering Jobs in FFXIV

Apr 11, 2023 | Gathering

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Do you ever find yourself daunted by the thought of leveling up your gathering jobs in FFXIV? It can certainly seem like a challenging task at first, but fear not! With the right methods and knowledge, you can breeze through the leveling process in no time!

So where to begin?

When starting out with gathering classes in Final Fantasy XIV, the easiest and most straightforward way to level up is simply to head out into the open world and gather any nodes you come across. Completing your class quests will also provide you with some starting gear to make the process easier.

Leveling 10-60: Utilize The Diadem and Leves

Once you’ve reached level 10, it’s time to start utilizing more efficient methods of leveling up your gathering jobs. The Diadem, a gathering-only zone accessed through the Ishgardian Restoration, is widely considered to be the most efficient method for leveling gatherers between levels 10-60.

To unlock The Diadem, you must first complete the quest “Towards the Firmament” in Ishgard. This will allow you to access the Ishgardian Restoration, where you can then access The Diadem. You can click here to read more about The Diadem

When you are able to access the Diadem, you can now start leveling your gathering jobs very effeciently.

While inside the Diadem, limitbreaks work a bit differently for gatherers. As you gather in the Diadem, you’ll gradually build up your limitbreak gauge, which is a unique feature of this gathering-only zone. Once your limitbreak gauge is full, you can use it to defeat monsters that appear in the zone. Defeating these monsters will provide you with additional materials that can be used for crafting or sold for gil.

Leves are another method of leveling that can be faster than the Diadem. However, they don’t support your crafting and don’t make much gil. Gathering leves also use up your limited leves, which are better suited for your crafting classes.

Leveling 60-70: Focus on Collectables and Leves

Once you’ve reached level 60, it’s time to shift your focus to Collectables and Leves. Collectables offer scrips, a special currency used only for crafting and gathering, and they’re often the best way to level up beyond level 70, but not the fastest or easiest method. Leves are still a viable option during this level range, but Collectables should be the priority.

Leveling 70-80: Prioritize Collectables and Ocean Fishing

at levels 70-80, Collectables and Ocean Fishing are the most efficient methods for leveling up your gathering classes. Collectables continue to offer scrips, while Ocean Fishing is a unique piece of content available exclusively for Fishers. It can be accessed for 15 minutes every two hours in real-time and doesn’t require any gear to participate, making it a great option for those who haven’t been able to upgrade their gear yet.

To participate in Ocean Fishing, you must first unlock it by completing the quest “All the Fish in the Sea” in Limsa Lominsa. This will unlock the Fishing Log and allow you to participate in Ocean Fishing.

Views: 143
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