Master FFXIV’s Eureka in 2024: Ultimate Beginner-to-Pro Guide

Sep 19, 2023 | Guide

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Your One-Stop Eureka Guide: What You Need to Know

Welcome to the ultimate Eureka Guide in Final Fantasy XIV! Whether you’re a newcomer or a veteran, this guide aims to provide all the information you’ll ever need to master Eureka. From unlocking the instance to leveling up and understanding its unique mechanics, we’ve got you covered.

What is Eureka?

Eureka is like a secret level in FFXIV—a whole new game within the game. It’s got four sprawling zones, its own leveling system, and a 56-player raid that’s as hardcore as they come. But it’s not just a side gig; it’s deeply connected to the main FFXIV storyline, focusing on the mysterious Students of Baldesion and their vanished homeland, the Isle of Val.


  • You gotta be Level 70.
  • Main Quest: Stormblood? Yeah, you’ll need to have that wrapped up.

Unlocking Eureka

To get into Eureka, finish the Stormblood main story and head to Rhalgr’s Reach. Chat with Galiena to start your Eureka quest, which will eventually lead you to Kugane and Rodney by Pier #1 Aetheryte. A quick convo, and you’re in!

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Gearing Up

Before venturing into Eureka, it’s essential to select your class. While specialized armor like Kirin’s Osode or Vermillion Cloak can be beneficial, they are not mandatory. New players, especially those on a budget or those joining through the free trial (which will soon include Stormblood), might not have the means to purchase these items from the Market Board. However, if you’re looking to gear up, physical classes will require two “Cryptic Seals,” and magical ones will need three “Damascene Cloth.” These can be exchanged with the Nostalgic Fellow near Rodney, providing you with armor that enhances both your haste and elemental prowess. It’s also worth noting that Eureka offers flexibility in job roles. So, while it’s beneficial to have gear tailored to a specific job, it’s not essential to have a set for every potential job you might explore in Eureka. The key is to grasp the mechanics and adapt to Eureka’s unique environment.

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Combat 101 in Eureka

Starting Fresh in Eureka: Upon entering Eureka, every player starts at level 1. However, the leveling in Eureka is unique as it levels up your character as a whole, not just a specific class. This means that the progress you make in Eureka is retained across all your jobs.

Dying in Eureka

In Eureka, death carries a steeper penalty than in other regions of FFXIV. Dying can result in a loss of progress, making every resurrection crucial. If you find yourself defeated, resist the urge to release immediately. Instead, use the “/shout” command to alert fellow adventurers of your need for a resurrection. The Eureka community is known for its camaraderie, and many players will go out of their way to assist. To make it easier for them, plant a flag at your location and include it in your shout.

Elemental bonus

In the mystical realm of Eureka, adventurers are introduced to a unique mechanic known as the Elemental Bonus. This status effect plays a pivotal role in your journey, enhancing your combat capabilities and resilience.

Why is Elemental Bonus Useful? The Elemental Bonus serves a dual purpose:

  1. Increased Damage Output: With this bonus activated, adventurers can deal more damage to their foes, ensuring quicker and more efficient battles.
  2. Enhanced Defense: Beyond just boosting your offensive prowess, the Elemental Bonus also reduces the damage you take, making you more resilient against Eureka’s formidable creatures.

In essence, while navigating the challenges of Eureka, harnessing the power of the Elemental Bonus can be the difference between victory and defeat. It’s a tool that, when utilized effectively, can significantly elevate your Eureka experience.

Source for Elemental bonus

Understanding Aggro in Eureka

Aggro, or aggression, determines which player an enemy targets. Different enemies have different aggro triggers:

  • Passive: These enemies only become hostile when directly provoked, such as being attacked or hit with certain abilities.
  • Sight: Enemies with sight aggro will target players they see entering their field of vision.
  • Sound: Sound-based enemies target players who make noise around them, like running. Walking can often avoid triggering them.
  • True: These enemies will aggro any player that comes close, regardless of other factors.
  • Group: When one enemy in a group is attacked, others linked to it may also become hostile.

Unique to Eureka

  • Magic: Magic-sensitive enemies will target players casting spells nearby.
  • Blood: These enemies, often undead, are attracted to players with low health.

Job Recommendations

While in Eureka, players can switch between jobs, but only at designated camps. It’s essential to choose the right job for the situation. For instance, if you’re soloing, a job with self-sustain like Red Mage might be beneficial. However, if you’re in a group, it might be better to play a role that the group needs. It’s also worth noting that the relic weapon, a primary goal in Eureka, becomes more potent than other weapons but only after it’s upgraded which is further down the line.

Generally, go with the job you enjoy, I found Tanks (Especially Warrior) to be extremly solid due to their selfsustain and silly Tomahawk spam on Notorious Monsters.

Solo and Group Dynamic

Soloing in Eureka is possible, but grouping up can often lead to faster progression. However, there are nuances to understand. If a player who is 8 or more levels higher than the rest joins the group, the experience points from regular kills become null for the lower-leveled players. This is to prevent power-leveling. But, if you’re being healed by someone outside your party, it won’t affect your experience gain, making out-of-party heals a strategic choice in some scenarios.

Exp Buffs in Eureka

Eureka Elemental / Fairy

In every Eureka zone, three elusive Eureka Elementals roam. If you’re fortunate enough to stumble upon one, simply standing beside it grants you both an attack and experience boost for the upcoming hour. Enhancing the spirit of camaraderie in Eureka, it’s a kind gesture to “/shout” the elemental’s location, allowing fellow adventurers to benefit from the buffs. For those keen on seeking out these beneficial entities, maps detailing potential spawn locations are available to guide your search.

Potion of Harmony

The Potion of Harmony, crafted specifically for adventurers in Eureka, aids the body in adapting to the region’s distinct and discordant aetheric environment. When consumed, it bestows an Elemental EXP Bonus of +10%. This beneficial effect persists for 60 minutes, but if you’re using a high-quality (HQ) variant of the potion, the duration is extended to 90 minutes. It’s essential to remember that this potion is solely intended for use in the Forbidden Land, Eureka.

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To craft it read here

Elemental Affinities and the Magia Board

Eureka introduces a unique elemental affinity system. Every enemy has its own elemental affinity, marked by a designated symbol. Recognizing these affinities and taking advantage of them is crucial. The Magia Board allows you to attune your elemental affinities to better combat these foes. Magicite, earned through story progression, can be melded into the Magia Board to prepare for specific encounters.

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🌟 Quick Points:

  • Six elements: Fire, Ice, Wind, Water, Lightning, Earth.
  • Magicite can be rearranged at Port Surgate.
  • Spinning the Magia Board consumes a unit of Magia Aether, which recharges over time.
  • Right click the enemy to choose offensive or defensive Magicite setup, or use the macro as shown below.

Magia-Setting Macros: To make the process of switching elements on the Magia Board more efficient, players can utilize in-game macros. By using /magiaattack, players can set their board for offense, and with /magiadefense, they can set it for defense. These macros allow for swift elemental changes, adapting quickly to different combat scenarios.

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Source: Eurekan Academy

General Tips & Tricks

Eureka is more than just another zone; it’s an experience. As you embark on this unique journey, here are some nuggets of wisdom to guide you:

Basic Tips

  • Job Flexibility: Inside Eureka’s base camps, you can switch jobs. Handy if a teammate falls and you need to step in with a raise.
    Tip: Always have a secondary job geared and ready for such situations.
  • Elemental or Fairy?: Sometimes, adventurers refer to Elementals as “fairies”. Keep this in mind when communicating.
    Tip: Familiarize yourself with the local lingo to avoid confusion.
  • Life in Eureka: Death is a part of the journey. If you find yourself downed, SHOUT! More often than not, a benevolent adventurer is nearby, ready to offer a helping hand with a rez.
    Tip: Use the <pos> function to help adventures find your location.
  • Your Eureka Bible: – Bookmark it. Consult it. It’s your compass in this vast realm.
    Tip: Always ask your Eureka instance for an active tracker.
  • Challenge Log: Eureka boasts its unique set of challenges. Engage with them and bask in the generous EXP rewards they offer.
    Tip: Set aside time each week to complete these challenges for consistent progress.

Intermediate Tips

  • Magia Board Strategy: It’s advised to align all 5 magicite on one line of your Magia Board. Even for tanks, offense is key.
    Tip: Regularly check and adjust your Magia Board based on your current role and situation.
  • Gear and Relic Upgrades: While you only need to upgrade the relic to progress in Eureka, you can also enhance your level 70 job armor with protean and anemos crystals. This not only makes it dyeable but also boosts its item level.
    Tip: Prioritize relic upgrades for progression, but consider armor upgrades for personalization and stat optimization.
  • Leveling Approach: Before joining NM trains, ensure you’re adequately leveled. Target enemies 6 levels above in groups or 2 levels when solo. Mutated/adapted monsters offer more EXP.
    Tip: Use tools like to identify the best monsters for your level.
  • Aetheryte Strategy: Unlock all aetherytes in a zone to ensure you can reach all NMs promptly.
    Tip: Regularly check your map and plan your routes to NMs to minimize travel time.
  • Party Dynamics: In a party with someone 8 levels above? You won’t gain battle experience.
    Tip: Communicate with party members and ensure everyone’s within an 8-level range.
  • Quick Logos Actions: Need Logos Actions swiftly? Search “logogram” on the marketboard.
    Tip: Keep a healthy stock of logograms to ensure you’re always ready for any situation.
  • Reflect Farming: Reflect farming is a highly effective leveling method in Pyros.
    Tip: This guide provides a detailed approach to reflect farming. Always ensure ‘Reflect’ is active when farming these enemies.

Expert Tips

  • Tank Tips: Tanks, especially warriors, should consider the Bloodbath Logos Action for impressive pulls.
    Tip: Experiment with different Logos Actions to find the best combination for your playstyle.
  • Ovni’s Quirks: Ovni appears only when 8 players in the instance have unlocked BA. Watch out for its fluorescence buff.
    Tip: Always have someone in the party with the Dispel L logos action when Ovni is up.

Challenge log

Venturing deeper into Eureka, you might find yourself in zones like Pyros, where the challenges intensify. However, there’s a charm in revisiting Anemos, especially when it comes to completing your challenge logs. Here’s why:

  1. Level Syncing Advantage: Anemos has this nifty feature where, regardless of your actual level, it syncs you down to the zone’s cap. So, even if you’re soaring at Level 41 in Pyros, stepping into Anemos will sync you down, but the experience rewards remain lucrative. This means you can still rake in a hefty amount of EXP without the challenges feeling trivial.
  2. Straightforward Tasks: Being the introductory zone of Eureka, Anemos offers challenges that are more direct and less intricate compared to the ones in advanced zones like Pyros. This ensures a smoother and faster completion of your logs.

In essence, while the allure of zones like Pyros is undeniable, Anemos remains an efficient and hassle-free hub for challenge log tasks. Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned Eureka explorer, Anemos provides a consistent and rewarding experience.

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Essential Eureka Maps

Understanding the geography of Eureka is crucial for your journey. The maps linked below are invaluable resources for figuring out quests, elemental monster spawns, and FATEs in each of the four main zones of Eureka.

  • Anemos Map – Ideal for players who are just starting their Eureka adventure.
  • Pagos Map – Navigate the icy terrains of Pagos with ease.
  • Pyros Map – A must-have for those looking to heat things up in Pyros.
  • Hydatos Map – Your ultimate guide for the final showdown in Hydatos.

These maps are hosted on and provide detailed insights into each zone. Make sure to keep them handy!

All quests for each zone can be found on the maps!

Eureka quest on maps e1695525709747 - GameCraftGather - FFXIV
Quest indicators appear as blue bubbles like this, displaying the necessary level to progress in the quest chain. These markers are present on all maps shown above.

What are Notorious Monsters?

Eureka is vast and mysterious, but among its enigmas, the Notorious Monsters (NMs) stand out. These aren’t just any foes; they’re the talk of the town, the challenges that every adventurer whispers about.

  • Know Their Preferences: Each NM has its quirks. Some prefer certain weather conditions, while others emerge at specific times. Familiarize yourself with these patterns to be in the right place at the right time.
  • Placeholder Enemies Explained: In the world of Eureka, not all monsters are created equal. Some are ‘placeholders’, regular monsters that, when defeated in sufficient numbers, can trigger the appearance of an NM. Think of them as the opening act before the main event. By targeting and defeating these placeholders, players can influence and expedite the spawning of the associated NM. It’s a strategic game of understanding which enemies to focus on to bring out the big guns.
  • Collaboration is Key: Taking on NMs is a group effort. Share information, coordinate with fellow adventurers, and approach these challenges as a united front.

What is an Eureka Tracker?

  • Your Eureka Guide: Trackers, especially popular ones like, act as your roadmap in Eureka’s expansive terrain. They pinpoint where and when these NMs might make their grand appearance.
  • Cooldown Mechanics: In Eureka, NMs don’t play by standard spawn timers. After an NM is defeated, it takes a cooldown break. Trackers keep tabs on this, letting you know when an NM is ready for another round.
  • Interactive Insights: Many trackers come equipped with interactive features. Hovering over an NM’s icon can reveal its location, making your hunt a tad easier.

Upon entering a Eureka instance, it’s recommended to use /shout to check if a tracker is already active.

Your First Steps in Anemos (E. Lvl 1-20)

Anemos is where your Eureka journey begins. If you reach the level cap of 20 before upgrading your weapon, don’t worry. You’ll still earn experience, but your elemental level will sync to 20. Focus on your relic weapon upgrade rather than the Anemos armor.

your first steps in anemos lvl 1 6 - GameCraftGather - FFXIV

Eureka’s Unique Leveling System

Welcome to the world of Eureka, where things are a tad different! Here, you’ll be introduced to the Elemental Level, a unique leveling system distinct from your main character level. As you dive into the challenges of Eureka, you’ll earn Elemental Experience Points. And the best part? These levels persist, so if life calls or you just need a breather, you can step out and come back without losing progress.

Acquiring Protean and Anemos Crystals:

  • Anemos Crystals: Earned by defeating Notorious Monsters, Eureka’s version of FATEs.
  • Protean Crystals: Trade Anemos Crystals with blacksmith Gerolt in Eureka Anemos (X: 17.9, Y: 32.2) to get Protean Crystals. Battling certain monsters might also drop these crystals.
  • Pazuzu’s Feather: Needed for the Anemos weapon upgrade. Either complete the “Wail in the Willows” FATE (X: 7.3, Y: 21.7) or buy it for 300 Protean Crystals from the Expedition Birdwatcher (X: 19.0, Y: 31.4).

Upgrading to Anemos Weapon:

Visit Gerolt to upgrade your weapon through various stages:

  • Non-Antiquated Weapon: Costs 100 Protean Crystals.
  • +1 Weapon: Costs 400 Protean Crystals.
  • +2 Weapon: Costs 800 Protean Crystals.
  • Anemos Weapon: The final upgrade requires 3 Pazuzu’s Feathers.

Source for materials

Krile’s Eureka Anemos Quests:

Krile has quests for you in Eureka Anemos (X: 18.5, Y: 32). She’ll guide you to:

  • Level 3: Natural History Society Observatory (X: 13.5, Y: 20.2).
  • Level 5: The Orchard (X: 24.4, Y: 23.1).
  • Level 13: Val River Swale (X: 20.9, Y: 13.0).
  • Level 17: Uncanny Valley (X: 32.8, Y: 18.3) and Aethernet Control (X: 25.5, Y: 16.1).

Source for quest locations

Once you’ve diligently traded in 99 Anemos Crystals at the final location, make your way back to Krile. She’ll wrap up the Anemos storyline for you, and you’ll be all set to embark on your next Eureka adventure.

eureka anemos - GameCraftGather - FFXIV
Map of Eureka Anemos

Pagos: The Frozen Frontier (E. Lvl 20-35)

Pagos is notorious for its icy terrain. As you traverse this zone, you’ll encounter the cold, which can be lethal. To counteract this, you’ll need to attune to the various aetherytes scattered throughout the region. This not only aids in fast travel but also provides protection against the biting cold.

Eureka’s Elemental Level Continues: The journey of Elemental Leveling doesn’t end in Anemos. In Pagos, the cap is graciously raised to 35.

pagos the frozen frontier lvl 20 35 - GameCraftGather - FFXIV

You’ll find Sleeping Dragons in Pagos. Instead of running past them, simply walk to avoid waking them. If cornered, use crowd control spells like sleep or bind to escape. But be wary, some Pagos creatures resist these spells.

The Aether Kettle

At Elemental Level 25, Krile directs you to Gerolt and the Aether Kettle. This old kettle comes with a green meter under your Duty Timer. Your task: collect Aether from defeated foes, store it in the kettle, and transfer it to a Crystal Forge. The forge’s location and function are for you to uncover. (Use the maps for exact locations of the kettle)

Acquiring Pagos and Frosted Protean Crystals:

  • Pagos Crystals: Earned by defeating Pagos’ Notorious Monsters. Tougher monsters give more crystals.
  • Frosted Protean Crystals: Exchange Pagos Crystals with Gerolt in Eureka Pagos (X: 17.9, Y: 32.2).
  • Louhi’s Ice: Obtain from the “Louhi on Ice” FATE (X: 35.7, Y: 18.7) or buy for 50 Pagos Crystals each from the Expedition Birdwatcher (X: 4.5, Y: 24.4).

Upgrading to Pagos Weapon

Visit Gerolt for weapon upgrades:

  • Antiquated Weapon: The starting point for the Pagos Weapon.
  • +1 Weapon: Costs 100 Frosted Protean Crystals.
  • +2 Weapon: Requires 500 Frosted Protean Crystals.
  • Pagos Weapon: The final form needs 5 Louhi’s Ice.

Source for materials

Krile’s Eureka Pagos Quests

Krile has more adventures for you in Eureka Pagos (X: 18.5, Y: 32). She’ll guide you to:

  • Level 21: The Hermit’s Hovel (X: 27.2, Y: 18.0).
  • Level 23: The Confluence (X: 36.0, Y: 19.0).
  • Level 30: The Dragon’s Head (X: 26.5, Y: 16.5).
  • Level 32: The Val River Swale (X: 20.9, Y: 13.0).

Source for quest locations

After completing the necessary tasks and trading in the required Pagos Crystals, return to Krile. She’ll guide you to the next chapter of your Eureka journey.

eureka pagos - GameCraftGather - FFXIV
Map of Eureka Pagos

Pyros: Where Things Heat Up (E. Lvl 35-50)

Pyros is where the real fun begins. Unlock Logos Actions by chaining mobs or cracking open Bunny chests. You’ll need Pyros Crystals and Penthesilea’s Flame to upgrade your weapon. And let’s not forget about those Logos Actions; they’re game-changers.

Eureka’s Elemental Level Continues: Your Elemental journey continues in the blazing landscapes of Pyros. Here, the Elemental Level cap is raised to 50.

pyros where things heat up 35 50 - GameCraftGather - FFXIV

The Magic of Logos Actions

Logos Actions are special abilities that can be crafted, offering unique advantages in battles. After completing the Level 38 quest, you’ll gain access to the Umbral array, your crafting station for these actions. You’ll use Mnemes as ingredients, with the number of Mnemes affecting the success rate:

logos manipulator logograms - GameCraftGather - FFXIV

  • Now, a little insider info: the number of Mnemes you use can be a game-changer:
    • 1-3 Mnemes? A sure thing at 100% success.
    • 4 Mnemes? A bit dicey with a 70% chance.
    • 5 Mnemes? It’s a toss-up at 50%.
    • 6 Mnemes? A bold move with a 30% success rate.

Source for success rates: Eurekan Academy Wiki

And if you’re ever scratching your head about which Mnemes to use, the FFXIV Eureka Tracker has got you covered with all the recipes.

logos action log all abilities 1 - GameCraftGather - FFXIV

Acquiring Pyros Crystals and More

  • Pyros Crystals: Earned by defeating Pyros’ Notorious Monsters.
  • Logograms: Found throughout Pyros. Take them to Drake (X:15.7, Y: 24) to convert into Mnemes for crafting Logos Actions.
  • Penthesilea’s Flame: Earn from the “Lost Epic” FATE (X: 35.5, Y: 6.1) or buy for 50 Pyros Crystals each from the Expedition Birdwatcher (X: 17.6, Y: 25.3).

Upgrading to Pyros Weapon

Visit Gerolt (X: 15.3, Y: 23.6) for weapon upgrades:

  • Elemental +1: Requires 150 Pyros Crystals and 10 unlocked Logos Actions.
  • Elemental +2: Requires 200 Pyros Crystals and 20 unlocked Logos Actions.
  • Pyros Weapon: Needs 300 Pyros Crystals, 5 Penthesilea’s Flames, and 30 unlocked Logos Actions.

Source for materials

Krile’s Eureka Pyros Quests

Krile offers more quests in Pyros:

  • Level 38: Unlock Logos Actions at the Promising Scrap (X: 18.6, Y: 30.6).
  • Level 38: Visit The Firing Chamber (X: 23.8, Y: 17.0).
  • Level 40: Explore The West Flamerock (X: 17.2, Y: 11.6).
  • Level 50: Check out East Flamerock (X: 34.0, Y: 7.3) and The Cavern of the Second Cant (X: 14.5, Y: 37.6).

Source for quest locations

Once you’ve completed these tasks, Krile will guide you forward, setting the stage for your next Eureka adventure.

eureka pyros 1 - GameCraftGather - FFXIV
Map of Eureka Pyros

Elemental Armor

Pyros offers the Elemental Gear set. After unlocking your first Elemental weapon and obtaining 50 Logos Actions, visit the Expedition Artisan (X: 15.4, Y: 23.9). The gear costs 40 Pyros Crystals per piece (200 for the full set). This gear can be upgraded in Eureka Hydatos.

The Magic of Reflect

Now, while we’re diving deep into the world of Logos Actions, there’s one particular action that’s been creating quite the buzz among adventurers: the “Reflect L” action. It’s not just another action; it’s a whole strategy on its own. Ready to turn the tables on those fiery foes? Let’s dive into the art of Reflect Farming and see how this action can truly shine!

Guide to Reflect Farming in Pyros

If you’re feeling a tad overwhelmed by Pyros and its fiery challenges, don’t worry. I’ve been there, and I’ve got a strategy that’s not only effective but also super fun: Reflect farming. Let’s break it down step by step.

Getting Started with Reflect L

To start, you’ll need the Reflect L Logos Action, which acts as a protective shield. Craft it using Protect L, Shell L, and a touch of Wisdom of the Ordained. Conveniently, all ingredients are available in Eureka.

Your Easy Reflect Farming Steps:

  1. Location: Navigate to the carbonite quarry aetheryte located up north. Just follow your map.
  2. Dress Down: Once there, shed some of your heavy gear or wear simpler items. This enhances the effectiveness of the Reflect magic.
  3. Activate Reflect: Cast Reflect L and maintain it by recasting every 5-6 seconds. This lets you retaliate against fiery foes without directly engaging them.
  4. Night Watch: During nighttime, be wary of snakes. They can be particularly dangerous when your health is low.

Helpful Hints:

  • Always keep a potion of harmony and a fairy buff with you, for extra exp.

You’ve Got This! Reflect farming in Pyros is like a fun game within a game. It’s a gentle way to get to know the area, have some fun, and gain confidence. Remember, every adventurer starts somewhere, and with this guide, you’re already on the right path.

Hydatos: The Final Showdown (E. Lvl 50-60)

As you step into the mysterious terrains of Hydatos, you’re nearing the end of your epic Eureka odyssey. Here, every shard of Hydatos Crystal and every Scale you gather carries weight. But beyond the usual, there’s a unique allure in the air—the call of special FATEs, with the Baldesion Arsenal: Expedition Support leading the charge.

Eureka’s Elemental Level Continues: The Elemental journey you began in Anemos continues to flow in Hydatos. With the level cap now at 60, immerse yourself in the challenges that lie ahead.

hydatos the final showdown lvl 50 60 - GameCraftGather - FFXIV

Acquiring Hydatos Crystals and Crystalline Scales

  • Hydatos Crystals: Earned by defeating Hydatos’ Notorious Monsters.
  • Crystalline Scales: Participate in the “Crystalline Provenance” FATE (X: 32.8, Y: 19.5). A Gold rating rewards you with three scales. You need five for weapon upgrades.

Upgrading Your Pyros Weapon to Eureka Hydatos

Visit Gerolt in Eureka Hydatos (X: 21.5, Y: 13.7) for the following upgrades:

  • Hydatos: 50 Hydatos Crystals.
  • Hydatos +1: 100 Hydatos Crystals.
  • Base Name: Another 100 Hydatos Crystals.
  • Eureka: The ultimate form requires 100 Hydatos Crystals and 5 Crystalline Scales.

Source for materials

Krile’s Eureka Hydatos Quests

Krile has more quests for you:

  • Level 51: Central Columns (X: 20.3, Y: 24.8) and Val River Source (X: 25.7, Y: 30.7).
  • Level 54: Western Columns (X: 10.6, Y: 29.6) and West Val River Bank (X: 6.5, Y: 15.7).
  • Level 57: Western Columns (X: 10.6, Y: 29.6), Eastern Columns (X: 31.3, Y: 27.2), and East Val River Bank (X: 30.8, Y: 14.4).
  • Level 60: Aetherbridge Foundation (X: 24.0, Y: 30.6).

Source for quest locations

After diligently completing these tasks, Krile will guide you forward, setting the stage for your next Eureka adventure.

eureka hydatos 1 - GameCraftGather - FFXIV
Map of Eureka Hydatos

Glowing Elemental Armor in Hydatos

Hydatos lets you refine the Elemental Gear from Eureka. After unlocking all 56 Logos Actions in Pyros, visit the Expedition Artisan in Eureka Hydatos (X: 20.5, Y: 13.3). The Augmented Elemental Gear costs 30 Hydatos Crystals per piece (150 for the full set).

Boosting Your Logos Inventory

Find the “Aethertight flask” in silver bunny chests in Hydatos. Take it to the Eurekan alchemist NPC to increase your Logos Actions slots from 3 to 6.

The Baldesion Arsenal Raid

Baldesion Arsenal stands as the crowning challenge in Eureka, a grand 56-player raid that promises both peril and prestige. To truly conquer this instance, adventurers often rely on the power of Logos Actions, specialized abilities tailored for the trials within.

If you’re keen on diving into this challenge, preparation is key. For a deep dive into the intricacies of Logos Actions and strategies for the Arsenal, the Eurekan Academy Wiki is an invaluable resource.

A little insider tip: Many adventurers coordinate their Baldesion Arsenal runs through dedicated Discord communities. Joining one of these communities can offer guidance, strategy, and camaraderie as you tackle Eureka’s ultimate challenge.

How to Do the Happy Bunnies FATE

In Eureka, Happy Bunnies serve as delightful guides to hidden treasures. You’ll encounter these bunny FATEs in all zones except Anemos. By offering them lucky carrots, these charming critters will lead you to concealed chests. However, if treasure hunting isn’t on your agenda, it’s best to dismiss your bunny, allowing the FATE to respawn for others. It’s also worth noting that while the bunny FATEs offer a fun diversion, they aren’t a prime source of EXP.

Step 1: Defeat the FATE

Participate in and successfully complete the FATE that spawns Happy Bunnies.

how to do the happy bunnies fate - GameCraftGather - FFXIV
follow the white rabbit happy bunnies fate 1 - GameCraftGather - FFXIV

Step 2: Hope for a Bunny

Once the FATE is defeated, there’s a chance a Happy Bunny will appear and offer to guide you.

hope for a bunny - GameCraftGather - FFXIV

Step 3: Click the Lucky Carrot Icon

Click on the lucky carrot icon in your duty list to feed the bunny and get hints about the location of the hidden treasure.

lucky carrot bunny fate - GameCraftGather - FFXIV

Step 4: Follow the Guidance

Follow the directions provided each time you click the lucky carrot. The hints will guide you closer to the buried treasure.

happy bunny fate direction 1 - GameCraftGather - FFXIV

Remember, Happy Bunnies will only accompany you for a limited time, so move quickly. Happy hunting!

Main Rewards

The culmination of your Eureka journey is marked by the acquisition of the coveted Eurekan Weapons and Armor, including the illustrious Elemental Armor. These aren’t just any rewards; they’re symbols of your dedication and prowess within Eureka’s challenging terrains.

🌟 Armor Showcase: A Glimpse of Grandeur

For a visual treat, take a look at the three showcased armor sets I’ve captured in the pictures. Each set radiates a unique aura, reflecting the essence of Eureka. The intricate designs, combined with the ethereal glow, make them a must-have for any adventurer looking to stand out.

🌟 Quick Points:

  • Eurekan Weapons and Armor evolve through several tiers.
  • The materials essential for their upgrades are scattered across Eureka’s four primary zones and the enigmatic Baldesion Arsenal.
elemental1 casting 1 - GameCraftGather - FFXIV
elemental1 maiming 1 - GameCraftGather - FFXIV
elemental1 ranged 1 - GameCraftGather - FFXIV


That’s it! That’s the whole guide! I truly hope I didn’t miss too much of the wonders of Eureka or scared you off before you even began. I know it can seem extremely daunting with all this information, but one thing is important: take your time and have fun!

For me, the gear and the new experiences were the driving factors. I made new friends along the way and discovered a whole new world within FFXIV when I started Eureka. I became obsessed and couldn’t stop until I reached the final zone. Many things in this guide are things I wish I had known before I started. So, I hope you find your way to Hydatos and have a fun experience along the way! Yes, you’ll probably die a few times, but always remember: there’s (almost) always someone willing to help you get back on your feet!

To conclude this blog, thank you for reading. It’s been both a pleasure and a journey. I also want to thank all the resources, players, and guides that helped me when I first dabbled in Eureka. I hope this old gem continues to shine brightly.

eureka guide conclusion - GameCraftGather - FFXIV

Thank you for reading!

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